7 Apartments You’ll find as a student

If you’ve looked for a house before, especially as a student, you’ve probably stumbled on one of these:

1    The Dream Housepexels-photo-189296.jpg – As a student, you probably need just bed space, a kitchen, a bathroom and a laundry. However, this house comes with a swimming pool, a maid, a cook, a cleaner, a masseuse and probably a driver but the rent is enough to buy you new identity. It’s a dream you can’t afford and should probably wake up now.

2.   The Cheap sham shackpexels-photo-87307 – This is the complete opposite of your dream house. It’s usually situated in the middle of nowhere and is neither near the city nor the major road. It has four bedrooms, each the size of a dog’s kennel and expects everyone to share one bathroom. The price is ridiculously cheap but the fear of death makes you run away asap.

3.    The DIfficult Choicepexels-photo-164466.jpg – These houses check off more than half of your must-have list but the one or two unchecked ones are usually important and there’s always an uncertainty as to what you can give up. For example it could be far from your school but the price is within your range. Or the rooms might be slightly smaller, or you’d have to sare a bathroom or even a room. However they’re very beautiful and difficult to give up.

4.   The Compromisepexels-photo-66404 – These are the apartments you find when you’re absolutely desperate. You’d have to give up something you feel is necessary but you endure because of your desperation. The house is usually dilapidated with a funny structure. I once found a house that it’s toilet was inside the kitchen. The rent is usually cheap but it’s not worth it. You feel like you sold your soul. Eventually, you move out as soon as you can to where you prefer.

5.   Almost There pexels-photo-127611– This apartment is, like it’s name, almost there. It has all the necessities but one. However, since the laws of demand and supply states that for certain goods, with a small change in price, causes a drastic change in demand, you decline. To you, though the price is reasonable, the compromise is not worth it. Sometimes, these houses have everything, but their price is slightly above budget.

6.  The Unreasonable Onepexels-photo-172194.jpg – The landlord of this house usually sounds like he’s high on something. The house is as  basic as basic comes. No extras or upgrades, just the usual space. However, he expects you to pay your tuition and your first child. After seeing the house, you might be excited but on hearing the price you just begin to see faults that may not even be there just to get out and once you get home, you and your friends talk about the guy for the next three years. The house is always a good laugh. Eventually, he reduces the price because the house stays vacant for a really long time.

7   The Optimum pexels-photo-77931– This is the best choice given the time and the budget. It ticks off everything on your list and at first you think the price would be high but to your surprise, the rent is just right. You smile, thank the landlord and you’re just all too excited to move in. Many students don’t find this optimum but if you did, congrats to you.


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