Thursday, May 24, 2018


Kristabel Dubois, Author Bio, About ME, Life, Thoughts, Inspiration, virtual assistanceHello dear, I’m Belema Ronabere, author of Kristabel Dubois. In case you were wondering, no, my last name is not Dubois but my middle name is Kristabel. I decided to go with a pen name or alias if you wish.

My last few months of college were really difficult, so I decided to start writing again. Even though I was toying with the idea, I needed a huge push from a friend to get it. I’m very thankful for him. He is a huge blessing in my life.

God is the reason why I can smile today. While almost nothing in my life goes how I imagine it, I’ve come to learn that God always has a better plan. I used to struggle with mentioning my faith in my articles but when I re-launched, I decided that it was time to be bold.

I’ve had my share of struggles, doubt, trials and temptations. Heaven knows I’ve fallen more times than I can recall. Maybe one day I’ll write my full story. On the way, I’ve learnt to trust and keep moving forward. I’m not where I want to be but I’ll get there soon. If twenty year old me summoned the courage to keep faith even when I had to stop college, start a virtual assistant business to support myself and trust God all the way, then you can too.

My aim for writing this blog is to reach out to someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re younger or older. If my words can stir a change in your heart or make your life just a tiny bit easier while adding a touch of heaven, my day is made.

Stay inspired. Stay positive. Stay blessed.