April Showers, May Flowers

monthly recap for april

I’m back again for another monthly recap of all that’s been going on. It’s been amazing guys and the heading could not be any more fitting. The last week of April was so hectic. It was almost as if April was trying to overcompensate for what I have no idea. Anyways you know the drill by now. Let’s get the headings started:


I grew so much this month. I doubled my views for the month. So last month total page views were 2000 views, 1.3k of which came from last month alone. But this past month, I had 2001 views. Yes! I doubled my goal of last month and added an extra one for effect. I almost didn’t make it. The total was at 1999 views as at 11:54 pm of April 30th. I almost had a heart attack and then when I checked I made it. I was so happy and I’m so proud of myself because I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Even my followers on WordPress are almost at 100. I’m really grateful for every little milestone I’ve crossed.


So I joined Twitter last month. I was scared when I did but it has been the most amazing experience so far. I don’t have many followers there yet so follow me and I’ll follow back. I’m friendly. I love everything from the chats to the re tweets. Seriously, with the right audience, you could stay online forever. I made so many new friends n a short while and I’m so glad I did. They’ve made every step more bearable and that’s just amazing. Instagram has been having glitches but I don’t care. I’m connecting with the people I have and I’m loving every second of it. Wanna be my friend on Instagram? I’d love for you to. I have a decent feed and it’s very inspiring.


It has been a very interesting journey for me. It’s quite some work but I’m just happy that I’m helping someone else grow their business and it’s so fulfilling. I joined some Facebook groups, my favorite being Virtual Assistant Savvies and met the most accommodating women in my life. Guys. Women supporting women should always be a thing. I’ve gotten new clients and I’m exploring my reach. It’s just so overwhelming I want to cry and laugh with joy. I’m glad I have awesome friends and a great support system standing beside me at all times. Shout-out to you Bibi. Thank you for everything. I love you. So, if you want to hire me or even discuss the possibilities of hiring a VA. I have a free consultancy, just contact me here. I offer content production, email, blog and social media management.


This one is a huge weight off my shoulders for now. I finally finished my basic sciences. Can I get an AMEN? All that’s left to do is my clinical rotations. I wrote my NBME and I’m glad it’s over. Thank God. I have free time and I’m using every second of it wisely. Re-reading courses that I’m weak at and even picking up old hobbies like playing the violin. It’s great to have my time in my control again. I’m excited for the next phase of my life.


I’m back on track with my exercises and even though it’s picking up slower than I expected, I’m still striving every second and I’m not giving up. I use Freeletics, the free version and I’m glad for the switch up from my usual routine exercises. Even though I now sleep less, I pray more often and eat better, so I think it’s a healthy balance. I’m really excited to see how my health picks up now I’m at home even though I kinda miss school lunches.

Guys, that’ll be all for now. I’m glad that last month ended the way it did. I have high hopes for the new month. I’d love to hear your small wins for last month in the comment section and if you want to catch up on the previous months, here they are:

January, February, and March. I promise you it’s been a roller coaster so you’ll love the read.

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I hope you guys have an amazing month. Stick around for more awesome updates!


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  1. You have had a very successful month. Congrats. Would love to hear how you increased your page views.

  2. Congrats on your new page views marker. That’s so awesome. I know it takes a lot. And I am really impressed with the amount of people following you on wordpress. Congratulations!

  3. I think it’s so nice that you’re doing a monthly update to keep yourself on track for your goals. Again, wishing you all the best!

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