The Christian And The Mirror: How To Live Right With God

The Christian Mirror- The types of christians, christian mirror
 I‘ve been putting this article off for the longest time but it is definitely one I had to write. I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth a mirror has to do with God or why there’s such a thing as a Christian Mirror. I know I’d love to get one. It’s not what you think. Unless, you’re a mind reader and you already know because what you think is what I thought which is what I’m writing now. Okay, this is weird…
Anyways, I was in church one Sunday and the topic was about the Christian mirror. My pastor was being very extra that day and brought a mirror along. Now, there are four types of Christians, each in relation to the Christian mirror. The mirror signifies the word of God, kept there to help us in our daily Christian life.
The Christian Mirror- The types of christiansYou know how each morning when you wake up, you get out of bed ( probably after scrolling through Instagram for some minutes)  and you rush into the bathroom. The first thing you do is look at the mirror and internally go “Ugh! I look like a mess”. You quickly take a bath and try to  beat the morning rush. Yet, in your haste, you still find the time to glance in the mirror to check how you look like. You adjust your clothes, hair, makeup, whatever to make sure everything is in the right place. After that, you make a quick spin as you skim through your ensemble, looking for any inappropriacies. In that moment, time stands still. Everything else can wait. This moment could make or break your day, so it has to be perfect.
Once you’re satisfied with what you see, you rush out and time begins to play again. With God, it’s the exact same thing. It’s a very simple cycle.
God speaks to you via His word to your conscience with acts a guide
In this case, I’m speaking of a conscience that is not flawed.

Christian Mirror Type 1 –  The Clean Mirror

This Christian is the ideal kind of Christian. Here you wake up every morning and after all the usual preparation, you check the mirror to see how your life aligns with God’s word. Whatever needs to be fixed is fixed immediately, no procrastination. This is the perfect Christian you should be striving to be. The walk with God is a long and difficult one because of the flesh. Having the “tomorrow, I’ll fix it” mindset won’t work. If not anything, Christ can come anytime.

Christian Mirror Type 2 – The Spotty Mirror

Have you ever left your bathroom mirror for a while without cleaning it? Then you must be familiar with toothpaste stains. I really don’t know how they get there but they surely do. These ‘small’ spots on the mirror immediately distort the image you see. Everything becomes blurry and at some point, you’re not sure if it’s a stain on your shirt or it’s just the mirror. Either way, you’re in too much of a hurry to check.
When we let little things cause distractions and take up our time, we create room for the word of God to become clouded in our hearts. Nothing you see on that mirror will ever be real. Everything becomes a gamble in your life and that’s a dangerous lifestyle to live. It’s hard to notice at first but if you let it continue those ‘spots’ can become a fully clouded mirror.

Christian Mirror Type 3 – The Broken Mirror

The good thing about the spotty mirror is that, just a little soap and water can return it back to normal. So, a little self-check and prioritization can fix the life of any Christian with a spotty mirror. But with the broken mirror, the problem is… IT’S BROKEN. We all know that a broken mirror can’t be fixed but guess what? We use it anyway., we pick up a small piece of the shattered mirror and we look at our lives from that small piece.
We assume that the small piece is as good as the remaining 1 million shattered pieces on the floor so we work with what we have. Believing that we’re still doing the right thing and walking with God when the reality is that there’s a lot we don’t know anymore. A good example would be Christians that used to know God and they did a lot of work for God but now, they feel justified that they have known enough to do it on their own. Others stop going to church because they can read their bible on their own and understand it by themselves. They hold on to one piece of the word, usually the part that doesn’t criticize their new lifestyle and they profess Christ. If they don’t turn back at this point, there’s only one step left.

Christian Mirror Type 4 – The Covered Mirror

This is the last straw. Sometimes, we get so busy, overwhelmed and negligent that we decide to cover the mirror. *GASPS* Isn’t that spiritual suicide? Well, technically yes, it is. God speaks to us through our conscience. He ‘nags’ and tugs and to the flesh it can become really annoying. From this point, there are two choices:
  • Turn back
  • Ignore
Growing up, I was taught and I also discovered that the spirit is the most difficult to teach but only because the flesh is harder to subdue. The more you silence God speaking to you through your conscience, the quieter He becomes. God is a gentleman, He knocks and doesn’t break down doors unless you’re calling for help. Because of the ceaseless convictions to change, we decide that if the mirror doesn’t exist, we would not have to deal with guilt. At this point, we close the mirror or we take it down and with that decision comes God’s silence.
I’m sorry that ended on such a sad note. The reality of this is that it is happening now, all around you. There’s someone who just became a type 2 as there’s someone who is trying to get out of type 4. What point are you at today? If you can be truthful to yourself and ask for help, God is always willing to bring us up into perfection. 
Check yourself and check your christian mirror. Whether it is spotty, broken or covered, it’s never too late. No matter what has happened, all you need is a CHOICE to change. Like Jordan Lee of The Soul Scripts would say, “Your brokenness is welcome here.”
I hope you have a blessed day.

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