Lessons Learned – JANUARY

Hello lovelies and Happy new month once again. I’m so happy January is finally over, although the thought of paying bills for a new month is somewhat scary every time I have to do it, but, I feel like it’s still a fresh start ( kinda like those points in a game that once you reach them, your progress is saved up to that point ).

Here’s a rundown of the things I started, accomplished and made mistakes with in January:

1. JOURNALINGdesk-notebook-office-grey

I wrote an entire post about this topic here. If I had to do it again, I’d probably start it way earlier in my life. I skipped one week this month where I didn’t plan ahead or write down any goals whatsoever for the day or for the week and I suffered the consequences. Although the situation was completely out of my control as I was moving to a new apartment that week, I feel like I should have put more effort.

LESSON: NEVER ever skip planning especially if you’re prone to time wastage. Put more effort into squeezing time in.


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I started this challenge on the 3rd of January which was a day late. It was meant to help cleanse the body as we entered the new year.  No gluten, no processed foods, no sugar, no diary. It was hell initially, I starved the first few days because the food item chart listed was not within my eating range and I love cooking. I was basically stuck with sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, turkey, chicken breast and a few fruits which were affordable and available.

If I had to do it again I’ll probably have more money first, because there were many foods I would have loved to try but I couldn’t afford them. Some people around me teased me a lot for skipping certain foods and it was tiring explaining myself every single time. I cheated a couple of times – and they didn’t let me hear the end of it,  because I got so hungry. The guilt was overwhelming but I picked myself up every time. In the end, despite my inconsistencies which summed up to one week, I felt stronger, I look leaner and my body has never felt better. As a matter of fact, I ate rice for the first time since I started and I regretted it. I felt so heavy and constipated afterwards. I haven’t even taken milk and sugars yet.

LESSON: I definitely need a lifestyle change but with a wider range of foods which sums up to me being more healthy and taking care of myself.



This I’m especially grateful for. I want to thank all my readers who took out their time to read my posts. I put off blogging for a whole year and I finally started in December. I had way more views than I could have imagined. I kept staring at my WordPress stats, especially the map area, looking at how many countries my readers were from. I definitely need to plan more and write more consistently (that one week I lost keeps haunting me ) but I’m happy with my growth so far.

LESSON: JUST DO YOU. I’m always tempted to follow other bloggers footsteps who have very pretty, very successful looking blogs. I want to not just entertain but inspire and I’ll always keep that in mind.



This one is hard to talk about, however, I need to remain in check at all times. I made a little progress but it was not enough. I prayed and read my Bible more times than I did not and I’m happy for that. At least I moved upwards from nothing at all. But I want to make more time for reading the Bible and praying, so its less ritualistic and more like a relationship.

LESSON: Don’t fit God into your schedule, build your schedule around Him.

5. EXERCISEpexels-photo-176782

Why this has a heading beats me, I hardly worked out. I started out well but I gave up. It’s mostly here to remind me to always put this in my schedule till it becomes second nature. I’ve picked myself up again and by the end of this month I’ll have a different story.

LESSON: If you give up, it’s harder to start over. Keep on keeping on.



Speak of the devil, I even have an exam next week, but it’s okay. I read more times this month than I did for other semesters and I’m really proud of myself. I have to cover up on all the carried over work from previous semesters, thanks to procrastination and medical school system. I have high hopes for this semester.

LESSON: Hard work definitely pays off. It’s however difficult.



I’m glad I started becoming goal oriented. I’m building myself everyday and I’m happy. I’m grateful for the people that have stuck with me, helped me and have faith in me. I have grown and become better.

LESSON: I may not have it all figured out, but consistency is key.

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I hope this was useful to you, I would love to hear all the things that you accomplished in January. Thanks again for being here and reading. Have an awesome February!


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