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My little secrets

It’s Pentecost Sunday. If you’re a Christian and it literally marks the birth of Christianity. What better time to talk about habits that need to be dealt with. I’m going to get a little personal and tell you some little secrets. Pinky swear you won’t tell anyone? Okay.

P.S I’m working on all of these and soon enough, they won’t exist.

    Was I not the queen of this lot. I have this thing where I plan things in my head till they’re all neat and tidy before doing them. This sounds like a good idea but it takes forever before it gets neat and tidy. The result is loads of work, last-minute and a very stressed out girl.To tackle this, I thought of the things I procrastinate the most – Writing blog posts. So I wrote down topics for each day of this month and now I have no excuse whatsoever. You can find some useful tips here.
  2. LAZINESS: Lately, I picked up on laziness. The problem is that school kickstarts my day. Now, I’m home, I have no reason to do my morning rush routine so I drag my feet and I refuse to get anything done. Because of this,  I’ve gained unnecessary weight and I feel even more sluggish.Needless to say, I got off my butt and started exercising again, making sure that I start my mornings with a routine that kickstarts my day and energizes me.
  3. ANXIETY: Not the medical kind, but I don’t think ‘agitatedness’ is a real word. I have slight control issues and I hate when things don’t go as I plan. I need them to always be like the picture in my head. The thing I forget is that I need to Let Go and Let God. I can’t always have everything in my control.I’m learning how to be calm. No matter the situation. Tomorrow, I’ll write on that very topic.
  4. FAILURE TO LISTEN One word. EXTROVERT. I talk a lot and sometimes have to consciously restrain myself from speaking. I mean my friends love it when I talk. I’m so many people in a group. I could be the clown, the entertainer or just the girl who brings up new topics to talk about. Either way, I talked so much I failed to listen.Even when I did listen, I listened to reply. Bad habit.Now, I shut that little voice in my head creates answers when people speak. Now, I listen to learn, to hear what the other person is saying.
  5. BEING OVERLY CAUTIOUS: If you didn’t catch on from my control freak syndrome, the second to that is, being overly cautious. Yes, I know I just wrote about Taking Risks. What you have to understand is that I sometimes speak to myself via this medium. I like facts more than ‘ideas’. This makes me calculate the risk in every situation till I’m absolutely sure it’ll work.

I take more chances now but it used to be a very horrible habit of mine. Don’t be me.

I want to continue but then I want you to come back. If you want another list, I have quite a few up my sleeve. I discover myself every day so I’ll have newer ones I’ve discovered. If you’d like, I’ll also write one to help each bad habits.

What are your own bad habits you’re working on? Let me know in the comment section. Share with a friend who needs to evaluate themselves. Have a blessed week.

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