Discovering Yourself

Discover yourself through personality test

There’s a lot to do this month, with new year resolutions and all, but while you’re making decisions this year to become a better you, a question you should ask yourself is: Do I really know myself? It’s a deep question if you think of it critically because you are a product of interaction with people, the experiences you’ve had and your environment moderated with  your individual perception.

Phew so much grammar. Anyway, there’s one way to start, finding out your personality type here. If you don’t have the time to here’s a rundown of the 16 personalities (according to Jung’s and Briggs Myers’ theories of personality type.) and they are divided into four main groups;


These include the;

  • INTJ which represents Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. They are very Imaginative and Strategic.
  • INTP which represents  Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. They are curious and love inventing.
  • ENTJ which represents Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Feeling. They are bold and strong-willed.
  • ENTP which represents Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. They are curious and smart.


These include the:

  •  INFJ which represents Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. They are quiet and mystical.
  •  INFP which represents Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. They are poetic, kind and altruistic.
  •  ENFJ which represents Extrovert, Intuitive,Feeling, Judging. They are charismatic and inspiring leaders.
  •  ENFP which represents Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. They are enthusiastic, creative and sociable.


These include the:

  • ISTJ which represents Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.  They are practical and love facts.
  • ISFJ which represents Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. They are very dedicated and warm protectors.
  • ESTJ which represents  Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. They are administrators are good at managing things.
  • ESFJ which represents  Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. They are extraordinarily caring, social and popular.


These include the:

  • ISTP which represents Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. They are bold and experimental.
  • ISFP which represents Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving. They are flexible and are great artists.
  • ESTP which represents  Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. They are smart energeetic and perceptive.
  • ESFP which represents  Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving.  They are spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.


This is just a summary of the personalities that exist. Now, the importance of learning about your personality type, is to help you understand yourself better and understand why you act the way you do. If you follow the link above, after you take the test, you’ll see that it explains behavior in relationships, among friends and even career paths to pursue. It’s not magic or like horoscopes, it’s just study based research that describes human behavior and personalities.

I plead that you take out time to answer the quiz, read through the description and apply the knowledge in your life. You could take the quiz alongside a significant other,it helps create better understanding in your relationship. It should not be used as an excuse like “this is the way I am” but rather for personal growth. Keep your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. On a final note, know that personalities change with time and environment, for example, I changed from one to another and people are often combinations of personalities but one personality is always the most dominant.


  1. This is such a fun idea. It is so important to know yourself and love who you are. I am going to take this with my husband later.

  2. My husband and I are both fascinated with personality and I’ve taken the Myer’s Brigg Type Indicator several times. In a professional work environ, I function as an INTP. When away from work, I am an INFP. That T and F are so close they waffle.

  3. Ooh this is very interesting. Now I know where I should stand myself and of course my husband. This is a great post!

  4. I haven’t learned much about the personality types. I took a quiz to see what I was once, but have already forgotten. How you explain everything makes it seem really interesting, maybe I should learn more.

  5. I have heard that some of the personality tests are effected by the types of jobs we have. Like secondary traits can come out in us because we are having to adapt to whatever type of job we are doing. I am always curious about these tests and what they reveal.

  6. Very cool breakdown. When I was in college we had to take personality tests. There was four categories. Analyser, Energiser, Communicator, Driver. You were always a mix of them all, but one stronger out of them all.

  7. Love this post. Iā€™m an INTP although sometimes I feel more like an INFP. The Myers-Briggs taught me a lot about myself. Everyone should take this test.

  8. I’m gonna bookmark it so I can do it when I have time. You’re so right about all of the factors that go into what makes you YOU

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