What My Parents want vs What God Wants

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This is a topic I never thought I’d speak have to speak on. I grew up in an African family, Nigerian to be precise. Where I come from, the child has no say. In fact, we often joke around and we say things like: ” No matter your age, you’ll always stay a child to your parents” and not in the cute ‘aww’ kind of way. Many people I know are asking’ “Should I do what my parents want or what I know God wants?”

A few days back, I and my housemates were having a group devotion and we started talking about finding your purpose. Despite the many blogs and websites it’s still much of a problem. Here’s what we discovered. Taking statistics from the medical school, where I attend,

  • 80% of the students are there because their parents said they should.
  • 15% are there because they don’t know what else to do.
  • 5% are there because they should be there and Medicine is their calling.

Whenever I speak to the people in the 85% group, their response is that they have to respect what their parents want. They’re afraid of what would happen if they said how they felt. Then, I realized something else. We have a father in heaven. He gave us life and keeps us from harm and we all have to answer to Him at the end of the day.

Is no one else scared that God will demand from us what he required us to do? The bible verse we read that day was the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30). What is the difference between you and the servant with one talent? He kept his talent and did nothing with it. He spent his time doing something else and in the end he paid for it.

Jeremiah 1:5 tells us how much thought God puts into each one of His own. Each person he has created has a unique position to fill. One that He has equipped you to fit into perfectly. When you find yourself where God hasn’t assigned you to be, you begin to struggle. Everything becomes difficult and it feels exhausting all the time.

I know it is very scary to stand up to your parents to speak but I know if you ask for guidance specifically,you’ll get it. Do you know that whether you end up fulfilling your life’s purpose, you can still succeed. Yes! Most people believe that if they’re succeeding then they must be on the right track. It may not be the case and that makes everything even more scary.

Take a seat and think about it. If you love God, wouldn’t you want to know His plans for you? Besides His plans are always better than you can ever imagine. You’re also guaranteed that when it gets hard, you can always turn back to ask for answers.You are assured that it will turn out fine. When you’re on your own, well, you’re all alone.

While this may be a difficult path to follow, I believe the pros outweigh the cons, if there’s any.

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If only you’ll ask, He’ll give all the guidance you need. For those who do not know their purpose yet, then now is the best time to start asking. He probably won’t scream with a megaphone and a signboard. Instead, he’ll walk you into a surprise that is the life He had planned for you right from the start.

Please share this article with someone who needs to hear this and I pray that God helps us hear Him clearly and obey Him wholeheartedly. Amen.


  1. Very true, we all really need to get to the point where we fear God more than people, every time, anytime! It sounds so easy, until you stand in front of your parent, or who ever, what ever. It being hard doesn’t change truth! Thank you for the beautiful reminder! You are going to love the Grace Girls, Welcome!

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