Five Things You Should Be Doing This Summer

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Even though I’ve lived in the tropics all my life, the rest of the world cannot help but notice when Americans observe their summer holidays. While I’ve harbored the thought that what we see may just be social media camouflage, there are some obvious generalizations that come with summer holidays. Thanks to Hollywood, Instagram and Pinterest. I know Sun + Beaches/ Boys + Parties = SUMMER.

There’s a vibe that comes with this period. It’s almost as if Christians drop their Christianity at home and travel for summer. Anyway here are some common habits or behaviours I’ve noticed during summer holidays:


    While everyone else turns summer into a shopping fest for the shortest pieces of clothing that money can buy, you can be on the opposite side. Summer is a good time as any other to go through your stuff and find something you don’t need. Most of us get new stuff anyway and there’s always that set of clothes you never use. You have all the time in the world and you don’t have to do it in one day. Better still, it could even be a fun exercise between you and your friends.


    It’s summer and you want to re-invent yourself. It’s like the mid-year resolution. Wanting to change yourself before the school year begins. Unfortunately, if you’re not clear about what kind of changes you’re making, you can just go down the drain. Thanks to the huge time factor and probably some travelling thrown in between. It’s a good time to think about your friendships and relationships. Are they helpful? Or are they draining? How can I be a better friend? Make a decision and change by the time the holiday is over.


    An idle man really is the devil’s workshop. Don’t watch TV. Don’t spend hours scrolling idly through Instagram or just set up meaningless outings to places you don’t want to go. Be active in every area of your life. Workout, eat healthy and do more physical things. But also increase the activity in every other area of your life. Pray more, read more books and find ways to grow all round.


    We spend most of our school year focused on books and grades or spending time with friends. Family usually takes the heat because they’re supposed to understand. This is the time to go shopping at least once with your mom. Take your siblings out for lunch. You might regret it because they’ll fight the entire time but the memory will be worth it. To those of us that neglect dad, talk to him. There’s so much knowledge to be gained.


    Okay I know I’ve been making summer sound like a chore you have to do but you still have to have fun. There’s nothing like good relaxation. Take time to meditate in silence. I know I’m still learning this one but now’s a great time to start. Laugh more. Give more and appreciate the little moments that you experience.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! And don’t forget to spread the love.


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