What Kind of Influence are You?

what kind of influence are you

Monkey see, monkey do. We’re not monkeys but we shadow the actions we see around us. At some point, as babies, it was a usual thing to imitate what we saw because our eyes were the most important form of communication after the mouth ( the oral stage). As we grew, we realized, things were not as black and white as they should be. Everything that was done was not based on a set of hard and fast rules. Basically, different situation, different actions. Which brings me to this, what kind of influence are you?

Influence. The word itself has power. It is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. People spend millions of dollars buying books and instructional videos to teach them how to gain influence. With influence comes power and with power comes the keys to the kingdom. I personally couldn’t care less about how much influence you have, a thousand or ten thousand, what do you with it. This question is what causes the general public to place so much pressure on the celebrities of nowadays that causes them to crack. Parents saying “my daughter looks up to you” and “my son adores you”, makes you want to always stay in line to always remain a good influence.

I am writing this because we need more and more good influences in our lives. While I feel like we should not put the burden of shaping our children and youths into the hands of those who have achieved fame for anything but being a good influence. I also feel like if you happen to be in such a position, it wouldn’t hurt to use your new-found voice to raise awareness on something. I am really grateful for people who from their little homes try everything in their power to make a change.

I also happen to believe strongly in the butterfly effect, that the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, in reference to the chaos theory. A little goes a long way, and even if it doesn’t, you may have affected the one life that is required to create the explosive one you desire. We all know how a single tweet, no more than 140 characters can cause massive effects, how much more your actions.

Today is kind of #motivationmonday from me to you. Think about it. What kind of influence can you create. Is it speaking up about bullying, rape or just maybe raising awareness for that little cause nearby. Recommendation letters for the students nearby trying to get into one school or the other. They’re already on the right path and your influence could help them get there. I saw a blogger recommending blogs she liked for an affiliate program on a Facebook group and I couldn’t be more pleased,. All for free.

Even the simplest things matter, like your actions. Recently,a video of a guy separating a fight went viral, later he was honored for what he did. His action, turning the fight around with his very witty words raised public awareness. Then through multiple shares on social media, we influenced the public. Hopefully more youths will find fighting in neighborhoods uncool and those who are scared of breaking fights will have a change of heart. Whatever and whoever, wherever you are, just please be a good influence.

To close, here’s this simply put by Ann Voskamp

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  1. Our posts can deeply affect people that look up to us and even readers that have been with us for a long time. Especially the ones in social media. With all the hate that’s going around these days, it would be nice to start something that’s all about kindness. This is such a good post.

  2. Great reminder! Someone is always watching! We need to definitely be the role model that others can look up to! Being a stay at home dad, I’m trying to be that influence each day for my children!

  3. Children are like sponges – they soak up so much from the world around – things you would never think of get taken in and it’s important to give them a good strong influence and solid values to grab on to.

  4. I always do my best to be a positive influence on my kids. I know they’re watching my every move and everything I say because they duplicate it all the time. After reading this, I think there is much more I could do to positively influence them (and possibly others) and can easily start today.

  5. I am a positive thinker and try to influence others thinking the same way. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. When I am I continue but when I am not successful, I don’t stress a lot. I instead try to influence in a different natural positive way. I have seen some very positive results.

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